I'm awfully pleased we stopped here on what was supposed to be a day trip to Galway.  I had a quick look for interesting historical places en route over breakfast and yippee - there we went.
I have recently learnt of the song "Fields of Athenry" that is very sad. I have added a link to it.

In 1241, the Dominican Abbey was founded, a major institution. It was ostensibly closed during the Protestant Reformation but survived until being desecrated and burned during the Mac an Iarla Wars of the 1570s, and was finally vandalised by Cromwellians in the 1650s.


Taking photos into the direction of the sun create lovely silouette style pictures.

The earliest remaining building in the town is Athenry Castle which was built sometime before 1240 by Meyler de Bermingham.

The Medieval walls around Athenry are among the most complete and best preserved in Ireland and still retain a number of the original towers as well as the original North gate. The remains of the Lorro Gate were partially unearthed in 2007 during redevelopment road works in the area.

Spot the tourist!

A Heritage centre now occupies the remains of the mid-13th century St Mary's Collegiate Church immediately North of the Square. The original church is largely destroyed but in 1828 Church of Ireland church was built into its chancel.

In the centre of the town is the square; it is here that Athenry's late 15th century Market Cross is located. The monument which is of Tabernacle or Lantern type is the only one of its kind in Ireland and the only medieval cross still standing in situ in the country.

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