The picturesque town of Kenmare, on the Ring of Kerry, with a population of 1,200, is an example of one of Ireland's few planned towns, built from the ground up in the 17th century. It was built by Sir William Petty, on the instructions of the first Marquis of Lansdowne. The limestone facades and ornate plasterwork of some of the buildings pay tribute to the craftsmen of a bygone age. Kenmare and its Gaelic name Neidin (Little nest) so named because of its fine setting nestling as it does among the mountains of Cork and Kerry.
We visited just after Christmas, so all the festive decorations were very much in evidence. The town had a really nice feel to it, and even though we experience dull drizzly weather, it was great just strolling around.

Our hostess had the perfect personality to run a B & B. Lovely clean, comfortable and warm room with en suite. Hearty Irish breakfast before another walk around the town before departure. Good lot of off street parking too. Highly recommended.

Main shopping streets one way!

Very tempting shopping if it wasn't for the prices - some beautiful Irish made products.

You could never get away with these colours in NZ.

One of the few examples of modern architecture we saw on our journey.

Just passing time on the edge of a stream.

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