Home base for 2008 and 2009 trips.

Here we are at Ashford, Moylena - no it isn't snow but hoarfrost upon hoarfrost - and a couple of days until Christmas 2009.

All wrapped up for the walk into town.

We had to stop and look at all the lovely Christmas window displays.

The canal all frozen over - such a pity some folk thought to make it a rubbish tip.

Mmmmmm - don't see frosts like this too often in our neck of the woods.

Downtown Tullamore.

A great evening here - awesome music, beer and irish coffees. Crept into the house in the early hours of the morning - unheard!

The canal - partial melt up this end.

Home again - no thaw you will note.

This visitor to the back garden had the most amazing long beak - twice as long as photo indicates - a snipe.

Off to Christmas dinner on new ring road.

Arriving at Barony House for Christmas Dinner.

Their garden full of icy plants too!

Canal boat parking area.

Cold paws?

The home of Tullamore Dew.