Waterford (from Old Norse: Veðrafjorðr/Vedrafjord meaning "ram fjord" or "windy fjord"—Irish: Port Láirge meaning "Lárag's port") is the fifth largest city in Ireland, and the largest city in the South-East of the country. Founded in 914 AD by the Vikings, it is the country's oldest city.
We really need to go back there, as the weather was not conducive to exploring or taking photos. This was a very interesting town historically and because the weather was so awful we spend a day in their fascinating museum.  The Tower was not open either, and really wanted to get inside that.

We found that public toilets were difficult to find - especially in the off season, so pubs were the best option - one felt guilty if one didn't buy a drink though before departing!

Strangely, we always found out in our reading after the event, that we happened on the oldest pub in the town - in this case Jordan's Bar.

Small rescue boat for a big river.

The Tower hotel was great - we must have had the best room in the hotel at the cheapest rate!
It was right on the river too so we had a good outlook - through the rain!

Reginald's Tower is the oldest urban civic building in Ireland, and the oldest monument to retain its Viking name. To this day, it remains Waterford's most recognisable landmark. It is believed to be the first building in Ireland to use mortar. 

Architecture predominantly Georgian in the older waterfront area of the town.